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Food for Life in short

Food for Life (FFL) is a joint project of the Scouts and Guides of Finland and the Scouts and Guides of African region, which aims to increase the amount of scouts in Africa and develop the scopes for action among the local adolescents. The project took place for the first time in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, in 2011, coordinated from the regional office of Africa. Though the coordination happens in Kenya, the actions take place mostly in Benin and Niger carried out by the local Scouts. The Finnish Foreign Ministry funds the project.


Locally Food for Life concentrates on boosting the nutritional situation. In the project, as a part of scouting program they learn small farming and business skills, with what the young can bring more food for their families and sell the surplus cultivation products. The FFL –program consists three parts, and after each the participant gains a sleeve badge: First the participant learns how to cultivate one plant, second step is to learn to take care of several ones and on third phase s/he knows how to make and put into practice a commercialization plan to benefit their crops.  In Benin and Niger the schools are in active alliance with the scouting movement and several scouting groups in schools already have their FFL-gardens next to the school buildings.


The joint project is part of wider Food for Life program. It started in South-Africa and was brainstormed by the Africa’s Scouting Office in the year 2007 after which it spread into different scouting organizations. Strengthening the alimentation security and empowering the young in the areas suffering from undernourishment is important for the scouting organization and meanwhile the biggest youth movement gets visibility and new members. In Benin and Niger the Scouts and Guides of Finland has been so successful there aren’t enough team leaders for all the new scouts!